Tru bang SPRING/SUMMER 2020 In cooperation with Sofia Geideby

Sach Handmade Tru Bang - Virgin human hair

Get your Tru Bang done without applying the scissors to your own hair, quickly and easily. Natural clip-on solution that gives you many more styling options.
You can design and customize the Tru Bang for your own needs. The Tru Bang comes in uncut form, so ask your hairdresser to cut it as you wish.

Easily attach your Tru Bang by opening and closing the three clips attached to the back.


Virgin human hair.


The Tru Bang is delivered in a stylish Sach wardrobe. It should always be stored there when not in use.

The Tru Bang is brushed and washed gently.

The Tru Bang can be styled with heat pliers and hair dryers to the desired result but do not forget about heat protection.

The Tru Bang can be dyed, but it is done at your own risk. Bleaching is not recommended. Also, do not use too much of other chemicals, such as hair spray, dry shampoo and gel.

The Tru Bang just like your other hair, can bleach in the sun. Therefore, preferably use sunscreen so that both pile and other hair stay fresh for a long time.