Sach was established in Istanbul in the late 1980s. The founder, a professional hairdresser, was looking for quality hair and bought the best raw hair on the market for his own salon and became a wholesaler for other large, well known hair brands.

In the 2000s, Sach joined forces with Vogue, evolving into the Sach & Vogue brand to establish Swedish Sach & Vogue which now has the entire Nordic market.

The brand is represented by hair salons around the world today.


Our Premium Virgin hair is a high quality extension hair that comes from Uzbekistan with its soft texture and fine luster. Each hair extension comes from one and the same person and therefore has the same structure. The people who donate their hair receive financial compensation.

Immediately after cutting, the hair is bundled together and is therefore in the same direction from the beginning of the process. This prevents the hair from tangling and makes it easy to care for. Importantly; it is a component that denotes real Virgin hair.

The hair goes through a gentle 12-step process, done entirely by hand with a new technique that makes the hair last longer. This means mild color baths and no use of strong bleach or other strong chemicals.

Finally, no harmful surface treatment is done on Sach & Vogue hair. The reason is that Sach & Vogue Virgin Hair does not have to hide a dry structure. In addition, this chemical is washed away fairly quickly.

Once the hair is refined, it is then delivered from our own factory in Istanbul.

Extra Virgin Uzbekistani hair fits most hair types and is available in about thirty colors.

When it comes to our popular bang, which  sold directly to customers, we have a collaboration with the multi award-winning hairdresser Sofia Geideby.


There are several ways to attach our hair; The tape and butterfly method and keratin are the most common attachment methods we use.

The tape technique involves the use of a tape that is gentle on the hair and has a durable bracket that can be replaced up to four times.

The keratin method has a pure keratin substance that is not mixed with wax or other substances. This means easy insertion and removal.

If you are a hairdresser / hair extension technician and would like to work with Sach & Vogue then please don't hesitate to contact us!